Where is EBW Deals located?

We are located in New Zealand.

Who are the founders?

The founder Jock Miller, is a resident of New Zealand and has extensive involvement with education and the non-profit sectors.

How can I contact you?

We can be contacted using the contact page on the top bar.

What if I have found an error in the content or bug with the site?

Please click on the Report an Issue link, which is located at the bottom of every page.

Are there any costs?

There are no costs. EBW Deals is completely free and always will be.

What makes EBW Deals unique?

EBW Deals is a company designed to help everyone you know save on goods and services that you already buy. It is a win-win for both customers and businesses, both local and national. Everyone agrees that “ word-of-mouth” advertising is the most effective form of attracting new customers. EBW Deals accelerates this process by rewarding those that share.

How is EBW Deals different from other group coupon companies?

The EBW Deals model is similar to the other companies operating in this field. Instead of the profits going into the pockets of these other companies EBW Deals rewards everyone that tell their friends about us, with up to 5% referral payments on each and every purchase of EBW Deals promotional offers made by everyone you introduced up to 5 tiers forever.

How does this benefit local members?

The most substantial benefit businesses will receive, is the ongoing residual income generated by all their referrals whenever they shop at other EBW Deals businesses anywhere in their country. Businesses benefit from other businesses when members save there too. (it’s as if each member is now in partnership with other businesses ).

Can I earn an income from EBW Deals?

EBW Deals allows everyone to create a stream of residual income with no investment required. Once you become a member , just send your referral link to family, friends, and social network contacts etc and encourage them to share with their circle of friends.

Where can I find my referral link?

Your referral link can be found by logging into your account and clicking on Account management on the top right hand side.

Who can join?

Individuals, families, businesses, organisations and non-profits. Please note that in some countries there will be a restriction on the minimum age for membership.

How do I join?

Anyone can join by clicking on Register on the top right and filling in the simple signup form.